Cross Bite


Cross bite refers to a condition where the upper teeth do not touch the outsides of teeth on the bottom, which makes it difficult to bring them together. When this happens, lower teeth may be shifted to one side.


Over Jet


In this situation, the upper teeth project out further than the lower teeth. When the distance between the two is significant enough, front teeth are prone to injury, and your speech may be affected. 


Under Bite


If your upper teeth are not forward of those on the bottom, it can be difficult to chew food properly, and that will lead to uneven wearing on the teeth in the rear.


Deep Bite


Deep bite creates difficulty for normal jaw movement, and it can also lead to premature erosion of the teeth in front.


Open Bite


If your front teeth aren’t touching, it can be very difficult to properly chew foods. This condition also causes the back teeth to be in constant touch, which means they will wear down more easily. When you have an open bite, it can inhibit proper speech and cause tongue thrusting issues when you swallow.