Why Choose Best Orthodontist?

The Best Orthodontist system consists of more than just revolutionary braces and wires, because it has a whole different philosophy for treating patients.Whereas traditional treatment calls for the removal of healthy teeth sometimes, and for the use of palatal expanders to relieve overcrowding, our system does not do that. 

We recognize that the traditional approach takes longer and is generally more uncomfortable, and it does not achieve the kind of arch and profile which is ideal for your facial features. Our system leaves you with a natural-looking 10-tooth smile that is achieved more comfortably, and with far less force exerted during the process.



Braces are the beginning, but the system makes the smile.

Our certified orthodontists make use of three critical processes which all work very well together to achieve faster treatment, higher quality results, far fewer appointments, and greater patient comfort. The passive, self-ligating braces we use do away with the need for ties made of elastic or metal, which means your treatment will not require tightening. 

The lighter wires used in our high-tech approach to teeth-straightening shifts them into place faster, with fewer adjustments necessary. Our revolutionary approach is a proven one that improves facial aesthetics, and causes your teeth to be aligned without the use of any kind of palatal expanders or tooth extractions. 

The traditional ties used on conventional braces often cause pressure and excessive friction which makes the process uncomfortable, and which causes treatments to be stretched out. Our braces incorporate a revolutionary slide mechanism which holds the wire, while allowing teeth to shift into place more comfortably.


Why should I get braces?

Having a great smile is an important part of how we all feel about ourselves, as well as how others think of us. Surveys have consistently shown that people realize healthy and straight teeth contribute to how you are treated and perceived by others, and that people who lack straight and healthy teeth generally impart an unfavorable impression to those around them. 

By using the Best Orthodontist system, you’ll be able to improve how you are perceived by everyone in Manassas, Virgina, and you’ll reach your goals in far less time, as well as in a more comfortable program of treatment. You’ll experience better oral health, you’ll have a much nicer smile, facial features will be improved, you’ll have the confidence to succeed at school or at work, as well as in your personal life, and you’ll be able to speak more clearly.


Improve your Health

It’s not just aesthetically pleasing to have a great smile, but there can be some considerable health benefits associated with it as well. When your teeth are properly spaced and straight, they will become much easier to get at with a toothbrush for proper cleaning. When teeth are in proper alignment, chewing is much more efficient, and digestion is more effective. 

Also, when teeth are properly aligned it creates a better bite, and that can help to reduce the strain on supporting bone and tissue in your mouth and jaw, as well as lowering stress levels and frequency of headaches. 

The American Association of Orthodontics has confirmed that crowded and crooked teeth are much more difficult to maintain, and that can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and possibly even tooth loss. Minor orthodontic issues which are not addressed properly can develop into situations where tooth surfaces wear unevenly, resulting in misaligned chewing, abnormal gum tissue stress, and problems with jaw alignment. 

All these can trigger persistent headaches and pains throughout facial muscles and the neck area. It’s far more cost-effective to have minor orthodontic issues treated by a skilled orthodontist, rather than to have all those potential problems treated later in life. Regardless of your present age, it’s worth your while to invest in an orthodontic solution to oral issues you may have.


How long do I wear braces?

Using the Best Orthodontist system, the period of time necessary for treatment is almost always shorter than with traditional braces. When the treatment program is shorter, that means there will be fewer appointments necessary before achieving your beautiful smile. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly great results can be achieved. Very often, our process results in six months less treatment than other approaches.

Does It Hurt?

Since our modern approach to orthodontics involves no need for tightening of braces, much greater comfort can be afforded to patients throughout the entire process. This is in large part due to our Best Orthodontist system braces, and the unique slide mechanism incorporated, for exerting much lighter forces to encourage shifting of teeth into their proper positioning. This means that your treatment program will be much shorter, and that you will be much more comfortable throughout the entire time. In fact, made many people experience no discomfort whatsoever.

Will I need teeth pulled?

Sometimes when conventional braces are used, orthodontists find it necessary to pull teeth so that space can be created when overcrowding is an issue. All patients would prefer to have healthy teeth remain in place so that when smiling, a full display is presented. Since the Best Orthodontist system makes use of much lighter forces that work with the body to create spacing, most orthodontic treatments can be completed without the need for any tooth extractions. While there may be a few special situations where tooth extraction is necessary, it is only done when it is absolutely required to achieve the kind of natural smile desired by the patient.


Will I need headgear?

It was sometimes necessary in years past to develop arches or create space by the usage of palatal expanders or awkward-looking headgear. Because the Best Orthodontist system uses far lighter biological forces to encourage the development of natural arches, it is rarely necessary to use any of those bygone contraptions. That means you can achieve the kind of beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without loss of confidence, and much more conveniently.



Why Best Orthodontist Clear?

Nowadays, you don’t have to settle for the limitations of other teeth-straightening systems and braces, because this is the age of Best Orthodontist Clear. Because our aligners are nearly invisible, they provide definite advantages over other types of aligners and clear braces. Our innovative system makes use of high-tech arch wires that have been demonstrated to be highly effective at encouraging teeth movement rapidly and comfortably. 

This helps patients achieve the spectacular smiles and enhancement to facial features in a much shorter period of time. Available from most leading orthodontists, our system makes use of the best features offered by clear braces, and it accomplishes teeth-straightening in a much shorter period of time. Using Best Orthodontist Clear braces, you can be confident that most people in Manassas, VA won’t even be aware that you have braces in your mouth. Other systems are detectable because they have elastic ties or metal parts which can become yellowed during the treatment process. Our ties are much more discrete, because they resist all kinds of discoloration for as long as you are wearing them.


Fast Treatment

With our system, you will definitely see results much faster than you would have thought. Treatment times can vary of course, but past results indicate that our system takes up to six months less time than other traditional braces. It’s true that some invisible aligners can be very effective at repositioning teeth which are crooked, but not everyone is a good candidate for these kinds of aligners. 

In contrast, our system works for virtually all patients, and can provide gradual teeth-straightening 24 hours a day, to help you achieve that phenomenal smile you’ve been seeking much faster. You also won’t have to worry about forgetting or losing your clear aligners during office visits, which means your appointments will be wrapped up much more quickly.


Extraordinary Results

While Invisalign is a system which can help straighten teeth effectively, it’s usually not as good as the results achieved by conventional braces. One study demonstrated that the accuracy of Invisalign in teeth re-positioning was less than 50%. Using our Best Orthodontist Clear system, you can count on not only getting straight teeth, but your unique facial features will be accounted for in the treatment plan which addresses total alignment of teeth, bite, and smile. Before you know it, you’ll have the facial features and the gorgeous smile you were hoping for.


Greater Comfort without Tightening

Both clinical studies and the responses of our patients have made it clear that the Best Orthodontist system allows for much more comfortable orthodontic treatment than any other system which could be used. Since our tieless braces don’t require any kind of tightening, that makes them very gentle to teeth, gums, and all surrounding tissue. Other systems which make use of clips or elastics to bind arch wires into place, can be very uncomfortable, and can extend the period of treatment.


A Great Smile for a Lifetime

It’s an important decision when you’re considering which type of orthodontic treatment to adopt. When you undertake these considerations, make sure you look at the big picture rather than just what you might experience during treatment. By focusing on the long-term picture, you are more likely to end up with the beautiful smile and the enhanced facial features that you want for the rest of your life. When you choose our Best Orthodontist system, you’ll also undergo much more comfortable process that takes far less time than other systems.

After your treatment, it’s possible that some teeth will gradually shift back to their original positions, which is known as a relapse. There are number of reasons why this might happen, including the teeth-straightening procedure which was used in the first place. Studies have supported the fact that there is fiar less relapse associated with our system then with any other approach. However, in those few instances where relapse does occur, our Best Orthodontist Splint treatment will quickly manage the issue.


No Speech Impediments

Many people who adopt other systems for teeth-straightening, have difficulty with speech while undergoing the treatment process. This is something you won’t have to worry about with Best Orthodontist Clear.


Few Office Visits

Our Best Orthodontist system treatment can be accomplished with a lot less office visits than other traditional braces require. Typically, patients who use the Best Orthodontist system need seven or more fewer appointments than patients who have chosen other methods for orthodontic treatment. This can have a major impact on your busy lifestyle, and provide you with more free time, because you’ll have fewer dental office commitments.


Easy to Keep Clean

Keeping your teeth clean will be much easier when using the Best Orthodontist Clear system, because we don’t use the elastomeric rings necessary for traditional braces. Those elastomeric rings are notorious for accumulating bacteria and plaque, and that can create some highly negative gingival conditions. Your braces will be much easier to keep clean with our system, and it will be easier to maintain better oral health. For more information about Best Orthodontist systems, please call us at 949-770-3161, or visit our website at Best Orthodontist.